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Koka Sexton is the leader in social selling and helping companies generate revenue from social media.

Koka Sexton
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Koka Sexton

Social selling leader with a proven background in sales and marketing, Koka Sexton has helped hundres of companies leverage social media and content marketing to drive revenue.

Social Selling

A recognized global leader in social selling methodology that has trained hundreds of companies around the world how to understand and implement social media to the sales process. 

Social Marketing

Breaking companies out of obscurity by creating a social marketing juggernaut to drive awareness and business metrics 

Content Marketing

10 years of experience creating and leveraging content to drive traffic, lead generation and thought leadership.

My Work

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building social selling methodology

Social selling methodology

Social selling is not a mythical creature. Social selling is not just a buzzword. Leveraging social media as a sales...

social media roi

The Real ROI of Social Media is Revenue

ROI or Return on Investment is the calculation of time, money and resources against what you gain in return. In...

Sales Hacker Koka Sexton

Prepare yourself and your team for the future of Sales #SalesStack15

I’m happy to announce that I will be speaking at the upcoming Sales Hacker event In San Francisco. It’s been...

Do Leader vs Thought Leader

The Rise of the Do-Leaders

Over the last couple of months I  have been exposed to some very interesting experiences. I was somehow becoming hyper...


Influencer Marketing 101

Influencer marketing, (also Influence Marketing) is a form of marketing that has emerged from a variety of recent practices and studies,...

Content Marketing Backlog

Creating a Backlog of Content Marketing Ideas

Content marketing has many faces and can manifest itself in many ways. When starting out with content marketing I took...

social hangout

#SocialHangout From Battlefield to Boardroom

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to be on the Social Hangout with an all-star crew. Thank you for having...

socialbiz hour

The Best of SocialBiz Hour #SbizHour

I had the great opportunity today to join Brian Fanzo and Rachel Miller on the SocialBiz Hour Hangout to talk...


Building a Social Empire

  I manage a lot (IMO) of social profiles. When I started getting involved in social media it was for...

social selling tips

Social Selling Education 101

Any good salesperson tries to establish a fairly warm relationship with a prospective client before trying to sell him a...

koka sexton social selling training

Why I Started Social Selling

Several months ago I had the opportunity of being on my second Salesforce Live broadcast “Using social connections to turn...


#ContentMarketing Highlights for the week.

It was a good week for content marketing. From fun infographics to some great tactical use of blogs and design,...

linkedin social selling

The New #SocialSelling Index Makes Success More Predictable

There have been some major leaps made in the evolution of social selling in the past few years. One of...


Content Marketing Resources

The great thing about being in intent marketing is that there are so many other content marketing professionals creating…you guessed...

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