15 Fun Facts About Steve Carell


  1. Carell was the third choice for Evan Almighty: Jim Carrey passed on the sequel, and the writers considered bumping Jennifer Aniston up to the lead role.
  2. During production, Carell thought that all his scenes were cut from Bruce Almighty. He watched the premiere with his family, and was surprised to see himself in the movie.
  3. As a kid, Carell tried to make his family laugh by dressing up as an alien and then sitting at the dinner table.
  4. In high school, Carell briefly grew a mustache, was editor-in-chief of the school paper, and acted in musicals.
  5. Carell is a failed mail carrier. He said he quit because he was “very, very bad at it.” (“That’s what she said!”)
  6. He once wanted to be a lawyer. But when an entrance application asked him why, he couldn’t answer the question, so he chucked the idea.
  7. Carell made his film debut in 1991 with Curly Sue, a forgettable John Hughes family comedy starring Jim Belushi.
  8. In The Office episode “Gay Witch Hunt,” the script called for Carell to peck Oscar on the cheek. Carell improvised and kissed him on the lips.
  9. In the early 90s, he toured the country as part of Chicago’s Second City comedy troupe. One of his buddies was a young comedian named Stephen Colbert, who later recommended him for The Daily Show.
  10. Carell’s first hit, Bruce Almighty, is banned in Egypt for content that is deemed “sacrilegious.”
  11. He’s the king of the remake. Three of Carell’s most prominent roles have been retreads: The Office, Bewitched, and Get Smart.
  12. For The 40-Year-Old Virgin‘s infamous chest waxing scene, Carell actually had his hair ripped out–the pain, blood, and laughter were all real. Yooooooooow, Kelly Clarkson!
  13. His gloomy gay character “Uncle Frank” in Little Miss Sunshine was written for Bill Murray, and Robin Williams almost got the part.
  14. As a teenager, Carell worked at the Massachusetts convenient shop “Store 24.” He later incorporated the store’s nutty personalities into his comedy bits.
  15. Carell has at least one thing in common with Dwight from The Office: he owns a bobblehead of himself–a replica of his character from Anchorman. Hey me too!

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