25 Social Selling Posts You Should Read

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1. How to Be Found on LinkedIn

Whether you’re mastering social selling, making yourself easier for future employers and clients to find, or recruiting top talent, it pays to be a LinkedIn power user. But do you know how to be found on LinkedIn? The trick is in understanding how LinkedIn works and how you can take full advantage of the search algorithm.


2. Want to Turbocharge Sales in 2104? Use LinkedIn Properly

I find it instructive that several sales people I know that use LinkedIn really well happen to sell two to three times as much as their peers. These super salespeople understand that LinkedIn can accomplish two things for them that they can’t get elsewhere: They can find more prospects and they can use multiple methods to establish themselves and introduce themselves to the those prospects.


3. Social Selling Best Practices

This is the principle that’s critical to social selling, wherein transforming a potential lead into a solid connection is an accomplishment that leads to continuous referrals and an expanded network.


4. How 4 advisors achieved social media success

For instance, you’re not likely to have much success by setting up a LinkedIn account and blasting your connections with sales meeting requests.Instead, try social selling. Below are four examples from real advisors.


5. Social Selling: Connecting Is IN & Cold Calling Is OUT

If you need to focus on one resource, LinkedIn is the one today.If you and your key employees actively employ LinkedIn relationships, you will have many people within your sphere of influence and connections who could and would make an introduction for you. The main idea here is that not only should you become an active participant, but that you should also enable your team to build online relationships.


6. Increasing sales by getting social

Most people will be using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and small companies can take advantage.It’s rubbish that social isn’t about sales, he says. What’s important is that the way you talk about your products or services remains engaging and on-brand.


7. Social Media Can Power Your Sales Pipeline

Social selling is simply the integration of social networking into the sales process. Social media is an additional tool that sales people have at their disposal to help them connect with customers and close deals.


8. Hot Discussion: Centralized Social Selling Team vs. Sales Teams with Social Skills

There are so many companies that understand “social” as the new “phone” – since many of us social selling advocates argue that cold calling is “dead”- and probably it is our own fault. Sometimes it feels like the easiest way to help them understand the new “social selling” concept.


9. 5 Tips for Selling Banking Products in Social Channels

Selling on social does not have to feel all slimy. Just make sure you coordinate your strategy and execute with buy-in throughout your organization – from management to front line employees. An initial goal could be booking one new meeting using LinkedIn within a week. These goals and the follow-up with your teams will produce results as competition rises and successes are shared.


10. LinkedIn Groups – Your Secret Weapon For Sales Success [Infographic]

LinkedIn groups are by far the most powerful aspect of LinkedIn for your business.


11. Daily LinkedIn Checklist For Your Sales Reps

Is your sales team taking advantage of LinkedIn? With over 200 million users, it’s time to stop ignoring the largest professional social media network and start leveraging it to get more business.


12. From Selling to Connecting: How to Leverage Social Strategy to Boost Sales

Did you know that the average consumer is exposed to 5,000 marketing messages each day (CBS)? To deal with this information overload, consumers are tuning out left and right: the average CTR for display ads is a mere .1% (HubSpot), average cold call success rates are about 2% at best (Marketing Success), and email CTR is at a dismal 3% in the US (SilverPop).


13. Question For The C-Suite: What’s Your Capacity For Change?

Buzz words like Social Sales, Social Selling or Sales 2.0 reflect the change social media is having on the way people do business. What do CEOs think about Social Sales? My experience tells me they don’t think about it at all.


14. Ways To Prospect New Customers Through Linkedin

Linkedin has drastically changed the way we conduct and perform business. Linkedin has certainly become a great platform for finding prospective customers. In order to discover the right kind of people that can serve as prospects, you need to make use of Advanced Search that is available on Linkedin.


15. The Habits Of Successful Social Sales People: Relationships Rule Everything

For many companies social selling is still relatively new. It’s definitely picking up speed in the industry but some would argue that it’s not yet in full swing. We’re aiming to make social selling real for everyone.


16. The Future of Sales: 5 Predictions from LinkedIn’s SVP of Sales, Mike Gamson

When Mike Gamson was initially courted by an old colleague and asked to join the budding team at LinkedIn he declined the offer. A few months later he was persuaded to make the flight from Chicago to Silicon Valley and there began his long-term, long-distance relationship with the professional networking market leader, LinkedIn. Currently Mike Gamson serves as the SVP of Sales at LinkedIn and as an advisor to Base.


17. Social Selling: 19 Steps To Social Selling On LinkedIn – Top Dog Social Media

Have you wondered where the ROI truly is with social media marketing? Learn the 19 steps to social selling in this detailed how-to guide.


18. How to get more sales from LinkedIn

Everyone who uses LinkedIn suspects they could get more from it, saleswise, if they could only knew how. Larry is a partner and chief sales officer of Sales Empowerment Group. He’s generous sharing his knowledge.


19. 10 Ways To Teach Your Customers To Buy From You

When it comes successful social selling and meeting your sales quota, being more like a car mechanic, instead of a car salesman, might be the key to your success.


20. Should You Connect With Competitors on LinkedIn?

Am I Better at Using LinkedIn Than They Are? I know who the prospects are in my sales territory so I am not learning anything new there. But I am learning what relationships my competitor probably has…and does not have. And that makes the connection with the competitor worthwhile.


21. 4 Surprising Social Selling Stats That Might Change Your Sales Strategy

Furthermore, social selling is completely flipping our sales strategies and traditional approaches inside out creating a huge shift in terms of generating new sales, corporate customer relationships, reputation management, and customer intelligence.


22. B2B Social Selling: Sales Megaphones or Conversation Drivers?

Over the past year, social selling has become one of the hottest topics. When combined with outbound prospecting, social selling can be a powerful selling method.


23. Is Your Competition Out Social Selling You On LinkedIn?

Social Selling Forensics. 15.1% of LinkedIn users are paying for advanced contact and searching features. You might be using a ‘hand saw’ (i.e., the free version) to build your relationships while your competition is using a ‘power saw’ (i.e., LinkedIn Premium) to get the job done more quickly.


24. Should Sales Managers Coach Their Sales Reps on Social Selling Posts?

Given that social selling is still new to most companies and individuals, I’d argue that it warrants more, not less, coaching than other activities that reps have done for years.


25. How to use LinkedIn as a sales tool

As selling becomes more ‘social’, LinkedIn is a good vehicle to help business-to-business sales representatives better connect, engage and, ultimately, bring in new customer leads.


Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton is a renowned expert in social selling. Some would say Koka Sexton is the reason social selling exists, he would say that social selling existed once buyers went online. A recognized expert in social selling that has produced revenue for B2B companies, Koka continues to make generating new business the focus of social media. Finding creative ways to plan, develop and execute content marketing campaigns that break through the noise and provide value to buyers in excess of what they expect.

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