Managing your RSS feed is important as well as easy with a WordPress plugin I came across called Feed-Smith from Feedburner. If you don’t already have a Feedburner account for you site,  stop reading this and go sign up.

WordPress has a native RSS feed that it uses and it works well. The problem is that there are so many different ways a reader can access your RSS feed that you will never have an accurate count of your readership. If you only know of 4 people accessing your RSS feed there may be a hundred or more that you don’t know about.

Feedburner is easy 

Go to the feed-smith download page and get this plugin. By activating this WP plugin on your site you will drive all your RSS readers into the Feedburner account and you will have an accurate view of how many people are reading your articles in an RSS reader. I incorporated this plugin on most of my sites and plan on putting it in place for all of them as I have time.

The proof is in the pudding

I run a fairly successful fan site that registers approx 100-300 viewers a day. The feedburner RSS only showed 2 readers though. I knew there was something wrong with this.  Once I added this plugin and waited a few days to see the status the number jumped from 1 to 53. I know the number will go higher as time goes on since other RSS readers are still able to access the feed if they used the original WordPress link. But in time that number will go up and I can track all them in one window as apposed to trying to consolidate all the readers separately.

Pulling all your RSS readers into one platform will also allow for better advertising. Something I will explain soon.

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