Koka Sexton

I  turn ideas into campaigns

that make companies money.

Visibility creates opportunity

One little insight that I stumbled on early in my career. Believing this dramatically improved my life. 

Become a valuable resource to your customers by using content marketing
Become a valuable resource to your customers by using content marketing
Military Entrepreneur Show | U.S. Army Veteran Koka Sexton
How Sales Managers Can Do Less Managing and More Enabling
How Sales Managers Can Do Less Managing and More Enabling
Personal Branding with Koka Sexton
The Evolution of Social Selling
The Future of the Digital Salesperson
The Future of the Digital Salesperson
Employee Advocacy with Social Media
On the Value and Future of Social Selling
The How-To Guide to Social Selling
The How-To Guide to Social Selling

Marketing innovation

Marketings role is to drive revenue FIRST.

I don’t know exactly how to explain it but it has been called the “Koka Effect” where I identify a niche and can become omnipresent to the entire industry on that topic.

I build campaigns that leverage content marketing, social media, marketing automation to pull buyers through your sales funnel.

Data drives insights and when you can effectively measure and predict the data, you can scale a company quickly

Building the Start-up of YOU

I help professionals build a personal brand that attracts attention.

From CEOs to Start-up founders and professionals from every role and industry. Build the start-up of YOU

Everyone has a personal brand.
If I ask 5 of your friends and family who you are, that description of you is your brand.
Instead of letting serendipity become your personal brand, take control of your career by becoming the CEO of Me Inc.
My methodology has been leveraged by 1000’s of professionals around the world.

Substance > Style

I believe that real success comes from adding value in excess of whatever you ask for in return.

That operating principle has led to some amazing projects over the years with amazing companies like Linkedin, Hootsuite and Slack.

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