Hire Koka – Employer package


How I’m using social media to find a job.

The official #HireKoka video

This is the video created to activate my network in my search for a new job.

resume thumb

Koka Sexton's resume

Where has he been and what has he done? All great questions this helps fill in the gaps.


Types of roles I'm looking for.

This was a great idea from a friend to help identify the roles and people that I would like to talk with about a role.

What Makes Koka Tick?

Read some behavioral analysis on him. Know who you’re hiring and how he can transform your company.


Insights behavioral test on Koka Sexton

This is a 17-page analysis of decision making, strengths/weaknesses, management style and value to the team.


Myers Briggs analysis on Koka Sexton

As many times as I’ve taken this assessment, I have always been an INTJ. This 22-page report breaks down my key drivers, strengths/weaknesses and clarity on my thought process.

Content Marketing

Social Marketing

Lead Generation