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I had a few bucks in my iTunes account and didn’t see any new tunes that I wanted to add to my library. So I turned to the iTunes App Store to see if there was anything I could waste my money on there. I have a few games and some other nonsense that just entertains me like the Jared app. If you don’t know about Jared, you really should.

So I was browsing through the iPhone apps and figured I should get something for photos. I don’t take many pictures with my phone but I should. One of the reasons I haven’t so far is that the basic camera function is well…kind of basic. I started looking for some apps that I could use along with the iPhone camera to spice up some of the pictures I take. I found one and am now in love with it.

PHOTOGENE makes your iPhone pictures better.

  • The crop mode allows you to remove unwanted portions of an image.
  • The rotate mode allows you to rotate your photo or flip it.
  • Sharpen mode is used to make a photo appear less blurred.
  • The color adjustment mode permits you to correct the color balance of the photo manually or automatically, and also add special effects.
  • The symbols mode allows you to add text bubbles or other shapes on top of the picture. Simply drag the symbol icon and place it wherever you like.
  • The frames mode creates a frame around the picture. Select the desired frame style from the list at the bottom.

Koka Sexton

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