Linkedin adds video stories to their mobile app.

Today it was confirmed after a brief set of rumors online that Linkedin was, in fact, releasing a video app for some of their members on mobile.

This is different than the Linkedin Record app that had a brief life about a year ago, that was designed for their Influencers.

This morning an update on twitter exposed that an engineer had told someone that the new feature was imminent.

When I asked some contacts at Linkedin it was evetually addressed by a Linkedin Product Manager that was the lead on the earlier product for Influencers.



Who has it?

It sounds like this feature is only available to a small number of members for now but we are already begining to see it out in the wild.

I’m not cool enough yet to have it but one I get it, be sure that I will be using it. I’ve been pumped up about them adding this feature since I heard about the initial Record app they were developing.

Video stories on Linkedin could be an amazing way for professionals to tell stories on the platform.



I got access and couldn’t wait to put out my first test of the feature.

LinkedIn video stories first look

Koka Sexton

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