MacRumors Hacked During Live Keynote

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MacRumors Hacked During Live Keynote

I can’t be at the MacWorld Apple Keynote today so I was planning on watching the live coverage at MacRumors. Every year they have live coverage of information and pictures during the keynotes that I have enjoyed. Well, I was enjoying it until they announced that Steve Job’s just died. hackage by dsandler.

by dsandler

At first I thought I had missed something and that this update during the MacRumors coverage was some joke made by the presenter then I saw more random comments being updated and then the F-BOMB was dropped. Moments later the site when down and my darkest fears were true. I was going to miss the keynote.

I guess Gizmodo will be getting all the traffic from the live feed now. Sorry MacRumors.

Brooks_it, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • How ironic that a keynote about technology is ruined by technology. This just goes that there is a dark side to everything, and people will always find a way to insinuate their sickness onto the rest of us. What a shame.

    Scott Mahler’s last blog post..Happy New Year!

  • xblackmacgyver

    i think its fukken hilarious. macfags suck

  • Anonymous


  • got to love Mac’s


  • sarcasmliveson

    Oh come on Brooks_it, what was there to ruin? It’s the same old same old to a bunch of sycophantic fan boys.

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