Netflix finally gets iPhone App

There are a few apps that were available on the iPhone App store that could tie into your Netflix account. I have been using iTV and been though it was a bit clunky at times, it was the only app available that I could find that would work with my Tivo and Netflix. The application was great for seeing what was going to be on and set the Tivo to record it. I typically used it when out and about and a friend would mention a show they liked or movie that was going to be on TV that I wanted to see. Getting on the phone and setting the Tivo to record was easy peasy.

Netflix Streaming to my iPhone

When it came to my Netflix queue though it wasn’t always the best option. So I am happy to see that the long awaited official iPhone app for Netflix has arrived. Not only can I manage my Netflix DVD and Instant View lineup but Netflix went one step further and allows me to watch movies right on my iPhone. What I also discovered was that Netflix seems to keep track of what movies you watched and where you left off. So if you started watching a movie at home and then wanted to continue watching the same flick on your phone, Netflix lets you resume from the last point. How cool is that?

Netflix iPhone App Video from Netflix on Vimeo.

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