Predictable Marketing Strategy

Sometimes you need a juggernaut
Sometimes you just need a Koka.

Marketing is an art and a science

When a business becomes predictable, it can drive sustainable growth from knowing exactly how much money to invest to generate a precise amount of new leads and revenue.

With a predictive model marketers would own their lead channels and understand the investment needed to scale them.

Building the marketing machine

I have always focused on content and social marketing but understand many of the components needed to drive impactful business outcomes with marketing teams.

Many teams are cross functional and projects need to be coordinated and planned to maximize time and resources.

Let me build your marketing machine.

Measure the machine

The most important part of marketing is understanding the revenue waterfall. Through analysis of the different channels (emails, webinars, content, PR, social…) it becomes clear what channels are producing the highest quality leads and opportunities for growth in others.

This allows for budgets to be projected accurately and holds marketing accountable for qualified leads that can be tracked to new revenue.

Until you know the waterfall of your marketing channels you are building campaigns blind.

advanced marketing analytics example

Develop predictable revenue from marketing

Once you can measure the machine and the individual components and channels, you are able to develop clarity on the cost-per-lead to generate new business.

These metrics are extremely powerful for executives and anyone maintaining the budget for marketing activities.

Based on this analysis you can predict with a high degree of certainty that $X.00 will generate Y new leads, which will then turn into revenue for your business. That’s the value of marketing.

Let me build your marketing machine.

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