Leadership 101.1

I was taking a moment to reflect on some earlier posts and I got stuck on one Leadership 101 and

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Can Presentations Save Your (Sales) Life?

Mark Shonka and Dan Kosch are sales guys to the core. They’re co-presidents of IMPAX, a sales training and consulting

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Getting the Subject Line Right

5 tips for writing e-mail subject lines that’ll get recipients to read on One of the most important elements of

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Battle drills for sales leaders

The battle drill is a tool that soldiers use to practice fundamental skills for their trade. The one that comes

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Tech IPOs are back and NetSuite is on the radar!

The industry has been speculating for years that the next tech boom will come and the indications are becoming clear

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The Importance of Individual Sales Goals

Achieving sales volume goals for your business is one of the biggest challenges any owner faces. Many factors beyond your

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The Operation Order (OPORD)

The OPORD or Operation Order is the single most important piece of mission planning. A directive issued by a commander

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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sales Processes

There are quite a few pieces to the sales performance improvement puzzle – face-to-face selling skills, management style, coaching, account

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