Hootsuite came to San Francisco a few months ago to film a piece on social selling. It  was an awesome opportunity. What I wasn’t expecting was Evan Aagaard the video producer to arrive with a full crew and some fancy equipment. We filmed for about an hour and what they released was amazing (of course I’m biased). This is the final product called “The Art of Social Selling”.

video description: Social media is transforming the sales game and LinkedIn is one of the big reasons why. If you’re a B2B sales pro, you know the world’s largest professional social network has become one of your most important resources.

We sat down with LinkedIn’s Sr. Social Marketing Manager and social selling evangelist Koka Sexton to discuss how innovative sales organizations are leveraging the social web to find leads, develop relationships and speed up the traditional sales cycle.

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11 Responses to New video: The Art of Social Selling

  1. Via @KokaSexton New video: The Art of Social Selling: Hootsuite came to San Francisco a few months ago to film… http://t.co/E80rzePXoY

  2. @IFehrenbach says:

    New video: The Art of Social Selling http://t.co/zQ43T0AvVN via @kokasexton

  3. Carla Deter says:

    Koka, it is refreshing to hear you speak about social selling. Real, easy to understand and points that are actionable. Great job without a lot of fluff many hear daily. Great site too! Love the way it flows and flips around to each section(for a lack of better words). Carla

  4. @mne90 says:

    New video: The Art of #SocialSelling by @kokasexton http://t.co/lkSbe5xFc1 #B2B #sales

  5. @rodgantan says:

    New video: The Art of #SocialSelling http://t.co/VOyzzJQ3FV

  6. @LodeLauwers says:

    The Art of Social Selling. Interesting insights shared by Linkedin – http://t.co/JB100tj5MV

  7. @SocedoApp says:

    New video: The Art of #SocialSelling: http://t.co/WiC1Lq5DuQ 9 (via: @KokaSexton) #sales

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