For the past 2 years and 4 months I have been doing what I love. I made the decision to work at InsideView because for the first time in my career a CEO to whom I had no connection told me to ‘follow my heart.’ I was hired to do something for InsideView that I had enormous passion for. I was given the opportunity to turn that passion into something amazing. In that time, I went from the social marketing guy into a public speaker, evangelist for social marketing,  thought leader for social selling and an inbound lead generator for the company. I was able to build an amazing team and manage the department that I helped build. I appreciate every opportunity InsideView has given me. Thank you!

I used to dream of a day when I would expand on my passions from InsideView, I also wondered if that was even possible.  Leaving wasn’t an easy decision to make, I feel a deep connection to InsideView and I appreciate the time I had with the company and especially the people

Dreams do come true and I am moving on to focus a whole lot of energy for LinkedIn to grow their social marketing groups. In the end, working for LinkedIn is an amazing opportunity and I’d be a fool to pass it up. Like I said, its a dream come true and I’m excited to start this next chapter. LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional social network and they just celebrated hitting a 200 Million member milestone. They have so much content that it’s going to be great to start leveraging it to engage the community for the Talent, Marketing and Sales Solutions. I believe that there is a whole ecosystem of members that want to be acknowledged and be a part of the larger voice. Business is a by-product of great engagement.


There is a lot of things happening at LinkedIn and it’s going to be great being part of it. Beside driving the social marketing for an enormous social media network like LinkedIn, I will be able to continue evangelizing in the world of social marketing and social selling. I can hardly contain myself. I have a hundred ideas and it’s going to be fun and rewarding to build them into reality.

It’s going to be awesome and I thank all of you for the support I have had during this process and in the future.

Stay tuned. This is going to be epic.



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7 Responses to When Dreams Come True: I got a Job at @Linkedin

  1. Koka,
    sad to see you go, we’ll miss you. Glad I tugged at your heart strings 2 years ago.
    You’ll go on to do great things, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with you.

  2. Koka,

    Congrats on the new gig! I know LinkedIn is poised to do great things with social selling and I know you’ll get a great asset for them!


  3. When Dreams Come True: I got a Job at @Linkedin –

  4. – When Dreams Come True: I got a Job at @Linkedin

  5. When Dreams Come True: I got a Job at @Linkedin – #socialmedia

  6. – When Dreams Come True: I got a Job at @Linkedin

  7. When Dreams Come True: I got a Job at @Linkedin –

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