Why I love SalesForce.com

There are many options out there for a customer relationship manager (CRM) available. I guess they all have advantages and disadvantages but I have grown accustomed to SalesForce and have no issues with it. Besides using it for work to manage all my accounts and prospects, I also have a personal account that is available to anyone for free.

SalesForce has done a good job keeping up with the needs of there corporate customers by adding new features and having a consistent update pattern that they make visible to SalesForce admins. But this is not why I love SalesForce so much.

Work anywhere

SalesForce as a CRM solution allows a mobile workforce to always be connected. The old school days of field sales people running their business off of spreadsheets should be trashed. Being able to access your company information from any connected device like a computer or mobile phone allows sales people and executives to review and update important data anytime of the day from anywhere in the world.

Customizing reports is easy

People at the top are always asking for reports. SalesForce makes this fairly simple. You can set reports up to be available to everyone or make them private. I only use a fraction of the public reports and mainly use them as templates to creat my custom reports that give me superior insight into what’s going on in my department. Having this information available makes getting reports to the executive team easy and painless. No more scrambling around trying to get a report together.

Never miss another follow up.

Part of being a great sales person is being able to juggle dozens if not hundreds of accounts at one time. Everything is a process within the sales cycle and dropping a few balls is not a luxury you can afford (literally). Creating follow up tasks and events for all of your contacts is a simple process to do and syncing this data to Outlook or your mobile device is seamless. I don’t need to be on my computer to know that I have a call in a few minutes, my iPhone reminds me like any other calendar client would. So wile on the road if I am driving from one location to another or sitting in an airport like I am currently, I don’t need to be on my computer to know when and who I need to touch base with.

What CRM do you use?


Koka Sexton

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