Happy 8th birthday Twitter! I remember you when you were so little, still trying to find your place in the sea of social media and look at you now. It’s been wonderful to watch a once simple SMS communication app turn into a behemoth of the landscape. I am a huge fan and advocate.

Today for their birthday Twitter launched their #FirstTweet site so members could discover their first Tweet. Of course I couldn’t resist and what I saw put a big smile on my face.


June 30th 2007 at 12:55AM (this shouldn’t surprise anyone). I saw the potential of this service and decided to jump in head first. Little did I fully understand what an impact it was really going to have on me and the rest of the world.

As you may know I own a few different profiles. @salestools was my #2 and was talking about Social Selling before it even had a name. The closest thing I could think of was “making money online”. Now it’s transformed how sales professionals do business.

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