WordPress increases storage 60x

In a move that will leave other online blogging platforms in the dust, WordPress announced that they have increased the online storage of their users from 50mb to 3,ooomb. Now that may seem like too much space for anyone to use but I know for a fact that it can be done. If WordPress starts opening up new features on top of this like video uploading, 3GB will be used quick.

As a comparison, typepad gives only 100mb for their basic users and Blogger only gives 1GB of storage. One of the major restrictions with online blogging platforms is the amount of storage space available for pictures and other media. As a blog grows over time users have to make the tough choice of what images to keep and which to do away with in order to make room for the new ones. With about 3GB of storage space WordPress is giving bloggers a very compelling reason to start using WordPress and move away from the competition.

WordPress is my blogging platform of choice. Though I host my own accounts, WordPress is by far the easiest platform to use and the customization is endless with free themes and plugins available. Moving from one blogging platform to WordPress is extremely easy since there is a native uploader that can import posts from the major competitors into a WordPress account.

  WordPress.com WordPress.com upgrades TypePad Basic TypePad Plus
Price (year) Free   $50 $90
Storage 3 GB (= 3000 MB) + $20 for + 5 GB,… 100 MB 500 MB
Can store JPG, GIF Yes   Yes Yes
Can store MP3, video No With storage upgrade Yes Yes
Bandwidth Unlimited   2 GB/month 5 GB/month
Domain mapping No + $10 No Yes
Ads Yes, by/for Automattic Ad-related upgrade in the works Yes, by/for you if you want Yes, by/for you if you want
Templates/themes Yes   Yes Yes
Drag and drop to customize layouts Using sidebar widgets (only within sidebar)   No Yes
Customize CSS No + $15 No No

WordPress 3GB storage

Koka Sexton

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