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This post is overdue. After my trip to New York things got crazy. A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to meet Gary Vaynerchuk the author of the upcoming book Jab-Jab-Jab Right Hook and the CEO of Vaynermedia. Gary was the guest speaker at a UBS event hosted by Mitch Slater a very social savvy financial advisor.

I jumped at the chance to meet Gary and appreciate the offer by Mitch to bring LinkedIn into the discussion.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a LinkedIn Influencer and has over 119,000 followers on LinkedIn 35 posts as an Influencer. I’ve been following Gary’s journey for about 5 years and ever since the release of The Thank You Economy, I’ve been a bonafide Vayner-fan consuming as much as I can from him.

Meeting Gary in person was nothing short of amazing. I was nervous (I don’t know why) but he was very approachable, just a down to earth guy that has some strong opinions about the way businesses should behave. After some Q&A from me and Mitch, we wanted to let the audience ask anything they wanted. Gary shot back answers to the audience that were either short and direct or were filled with stories and anicdotes that were very educational. Listening to Gary taught me a lot and reaffirmed many of my own beliefs about social business.

Gary has a new book coming out in November Jab Jab Jab Right Hook and the premise of the book is simple, many companies need to master the art of engaging and educating their community and then timing a lead generation event or other call to action, the right hook. There are companies that are awesome at engagement but rarely ask for the sale and others that do nothing but broadcast their warez and never do anything to build their relationships with their customers.

The event in New York was a hit, After asking a few questions of Gary we turned to the audience of about 120 people to ask Gary anything they wanted. The questions were awesome and Gary’s answers were nothing less than inspiring.

Thank you Gary, I hope I get the chance to meet you again and a big thank you to Mitch and Ann of the Slater-Trainor group for the opportunity of a lifetime.

5 things I learned after meeting Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. The most important part of social media is connecting with your audience
  2. Companies that can tell their stories in 6 second increments (The length of a Vine clip) will win
  3. If you’re not asking for the sale (the right hook) then you aren’t going to be seeing much of a financial ROI in social media
  4. All mediums are valid, just most are way too expensive
  5. If you hustle and have talent you will win.

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