How to: Find your Passion with 5 Creativity-boosting Exercises

“Man is only great when he acts from passion.” – Benjamin Disraeli (19th century British Prime Minister) As an entrepreneur, finding your passion is key to a successful business. So how do you find your passion…try these 5 creativity boosting exercises to find your passion. Exercise 1 – Revisit your childhood… Think back to your[…]

What Does An Ideal LinkedIn Profile Look Like

When we talk about social selling, we inevitably think about LinkedIn as a major asset for building prospects. LinkedIn can accommodate you with the tools to build your online presence if you are determined enough to focus not simply on yourself but also on your buyers and their achievements. Put an extra effort to make[…]

The 5 Questions Every Marketing Leader Should Be Able to Answer

The role of a marketing leader is to spearhead the overall marketing strategy of a company’s product or service. It’s an often overlooked position – with plenty of resources dedicated instead to the business and sales aspect of a company. But make no mistake, the marketing leader drives the overall content strategy. Without effective branding[…]


Content Marketing Posts You Should Read

Here are some of the top content marketing posts I found this week. Many of these are great marketing resources that you will want to bookmark and use as reference materials as you build you content marketing strategies for 2015. From agencies to thought leaders these posts have a ton of information for you to[…]

The 5 Steps to Developing the Ultimate Consultative Sales Pitch

Are you ready to see dramatic changes in your ROI? Are you tired of talking to people who don’t want to talk to you, in an effort to qualify candidates for sales? If so, it’s time you updated your selling strategy and started using the consultative sales pitch methodology.   Trade in Traditional Product-Centric Approaches[…]


Content Marketing Resources

The great thing about being in intent marketing is that there are so many other content marketing professionals creating…you guessed it, content. Here are some of the best social updates that talk about content marketing on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks. These are some great resources for people that are trying to[…]

5 Tips to Keep Your Sales Prospects from Suddenly Going Dark

In sales, it is important to remember not to count your chickens before your eggs hatch. Or, in other words, don’t forget that a sale isn’t final until it’s actually finalized. Sometimes even the most promising prospects can suddenly disappear, or go dark. Sales prospects go dark suddenly for nearly as many potential reasons as[…]

roi of content marketing

10 Steps to Great Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the most important processes to understand when creating a business or brand. It is a brands way of telling a story to attract new customers and bring back existing ones. Doing this causes you to have to understand the dynamic and purpose of your business. Then you can dive into[…]

Connecting On Social Media Without Being Too Creepy

When it comes to social media strategy, drawing the line between professional and personal can be puzzling. That’s because the rules for navigating social media are unspoken, and vary depending on the platform and person. Luckily, there are general pointers that you can remember when you’re using LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media tools to[…]