Black Bean Brownies – The Jury is Out

I came home today from work and smelled treats fresh out of the oven. My wife made brownies and I was excited to get a square. The brownie mix has been sitting in the cabinet for over a month and since I have no skills in the kitchen, she kept saying she would make them soon. I guess she found the free time or just had a craving for treats so she went to work. I grabbed one and shoveled it into my mouth. It was cakey but yummy. After stuffing my face, I looked over at her and she had this questioned look on her face. At first I thought she wanted to know how I just put an entire brownie in my face and basically swallowed it whole.

That wasn’t the case, she was more interested in what I thought of them. “They were yummy.” I thought but then I realized I may regret that. “You know what there made of?” she asked. Here it comes. I knew it, there was something wrong with them. Then she broke the news. She made them with black beans. YES…a can of Black Beans. Evidently, they are a healthier alternate to regular brownies.

All the ingredients you need are
1 box brownie mix
1 can of black beans

you first puree the black beans, then beat them into the mix
spray a 13X9 pan, and spread the mixture into the pan
then follow the rest of the box instructions!

No worries, I’ll still eat them!

Koka Sexton

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One thought on “Black Bean Brownies – The Jury is Out

  • February 20, 2009 at 10:09 am

    You have to add water too. 😉

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