Selling A Collection of Comic Books

I started collecting comics when I was young. My very first job was working at a comic book store helping the owner with low level tasks. I didnt get paid money but I got paid in comic books which for me was 10X better. Since I had a small collection already, I quickly was able to get my comic collection to the point where it tok up an entire section of my room.

I sold a large selection of the comics when I was about 20 when I was on my own and needed some money but I held on to about 3 boxes with 400+ comics.  After moving into the house and now with the little one, I kept looking at the boxes I had moved from place to place over the last few years knowing I had to do something with them but procrastinated until recently.

ONce I made the decision to do something about the comics, I had to decide how to go about cataloging all of them and getting a general idea of the prices. Part of me just wanted to take everything down to the local comic book store and have them do it but the reality is, I knew I had some pricey books and I didnt want to leave my collection in the hands of a stranger. So I did the next best thing and went online and started cataloging them on

This site made the process fairly painless. I was able to identify my comics, choose the condition and then it gave me a price for the comic as well as saved the issue in my personal database. Not only did it save my collection as I entered it, my comics were devided by categories like the publisher (I seem to have been a Marvel fan) and comic name ( I have more GI. Joe Comics than I ever knew.)

All in all it was interesting to see that some of the comics I had loved so much as a kid were actuall worth something now. Nothing I can retire on but seeing that I have multiple comics over $100 makes me smile. Chances are I’m not going to be selling these but I will be getting rid of another large selection of my comics.

I can do this right from or start looking to put the comics on eBay. The hard part of cataloging the comics is done. Now it’s just a matter of finding them a good home.

Koka Sexton

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