Building Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy

I have helped some AMAZING companies build content marketing engines that cover every aspect of a companies image. From engaging headlines to B2B magazines filled with editorial stories and thought leadership. I love nothing more than to building a comprehensive content marketing strategy,

Integrated PESO Model

The PESO model takes the four media types—paid, earned, shared and owned—and merges them together.

💵 Paid media, in this case, doesn’t refer to big, fancy commercials and highly creative print ads. On the contrary, #paidmedia for a communications program is #socialmedia advertising, sponsored content, and email marketing.

📰 Earned media is what you know as either publicity or #mediarelations. It’s getting your name in print. Having a newspaper or trade publication write about you.

#️⃣ Shared media is also known as social media. It’s evolving as well, and continues to build beyond just marketing or #customerservice teams using it.

📚 Owned media is otherwise known as #contentmarketing. It is something you own, and it lives on your website or blog. You control the messaging and tell the story in a way you want it told.

When you integrate the four media types, you may find you also have influencer engagement, partnerships, and incentive programs that extend beyond your internal walls.
And when the PESO model is working at its best, it can help you establish authority.

Content marketing
Prioritize and Execute

Our content marketing plan follows a simple, time-tested process for building quality assets clients. We can work on blog posts, campaign assets or just some fun social content.

Step 1. We identify exceptional content on your website, such as infographics, eBooks, reports, or in-depth articles.

Step 2. We develop industry-related story ideas to pitch. These can be new or repurposed to give existing content more legs. You approve the ideas you like.

Step 3. Our expert editorial team produces the perfect story, referencing or citing your content in a way that supports and adds value to the story. You approve the stories.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? If you’re open to it, schedule a 15-minute growth session below.