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The past couple weeks have been busy. Waaaaa! No house hunting other than the time Meg coerced me into checking out a home in Brentwood that she was in love with. It was nice, not priced very nice, but it looked good. I really want to get out of this apt. But as time drags on the light at the end of the home buying tunnel is just as far away as two months ago. Maybe I am just getting discouraged. I’m sure it will all work out.

My brother had his 19th Birthday last weekend. (Happy Birthday Patrick!). So the entire family got together at my step-mothers house for dinner and fun. Seeing my brother turn 19 is very odd to me. I still see him as the little guy grunting around the house and wearing diapers.

They grow up so fast. Not that he isn’t involved in his fair share of drama. I am still proud of him. 19 years old, has a job and is going to school. Can play a guitar better than anyone I know. Who cares that he has tattoos covering his arms and like to party on the weekends. Damn, when I was 19 years old, I was getting into a whole mess of trouble and I turned out fine. As long as there is no rap sheet at the local PD then everything is golden.

Most of my time is consumed with work. I spend most of my life attached to this computer looking at emails or spreadsheets that show which of my accounts are doing what. I need to get better at understanding how the trends can be forecasted and adjust my resources accordingly. Not that I am running around blind. I feel like I am doing all of the right stuff. But I could be a lot better! I just have a lot on my plate. I manage four accounts and they contain about 1200 sales people between them. That’s a lot of peeps that I have to support and get in front of. Hence why we have a new guy coming in. maybe I can clone myself. Naaah. Life would be too easy then!

The wife is going to Chicago this week with her mom. Yes we are two ships passing in the wind. I get home Wednesday from South Carolina and she leaves Thursday. Wooah is me! My mother in-law is looking into an opportunity to relocate and take a promotion with her company. It’s a great opportunity for her to move up and live in Chicago since she has wanted to do this for some time. But it is sad for the girls as they watch their mother move out of state and away from them. My wife and her sister are going to go hang out in the windy city and look at real estate, do a little shopping and do a lot of hugging I am sure. It will be rough I am sure. But we will survive. The bright side of this is that I have an excuse to go to Chicago with Meghan every few months. Except for the winter months. That would suck!

Don’t know what else to talk about. I am even boring myself with this.

Koka Sexton

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