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A view into how I think about B2B Marketing

This video delves into the world of marketing strategy and execution for startups. Learn how to build a powerful marketing machine that drives user acquisition and revenue.

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Where have I been and what have I done? All great questions, this helps fill in some of the gaps.

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If you want to know what I’d love to do, this is would be my ideal job description.

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This was a great idea from a friend to help identify the roles and people that I would like to talk with about a role.

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Become a valuable resource to your customers by using content marketing
Become a valuable resource to your customers by using content marketing
Military Entrepreneur Show | U.S. Army Veteran Koka Sexton
How Sales Managers Can Do Less Managing and More Enabling
How Sales Managers Can Do Less Managing and More Enabling
Personal Branding with Koka Sexton
The Evolution of Social Selling
The Future of the Digital Salesperson
The Future of the Digital Salesperson
Employee Advocacy with Social Media
On the Value and Future of Social Selling
The How-To Guide to Social Selling
The How-To Guide to Social Selling

Social selling was a category I helped define through content marketing, lead generation, event speaking and thought leadership.

In the ~two year window Koka and I worked together, I feel like I had this crazy front row seat to the guy’s professional journey. From the early success he had laying the foundation for LinkedIn’s social selling business, to then developing a content marketing vision for LinkedIn’s consumer marketing team, to later leading LinkedIn’s global social media efforts. Koka’s proven he’s a rare, versatile talent. I learned a ton working with him, sincerely enjoyed being his teammate too.

Koka is, quite simply, one of the most knowledgeable and professional social strategists in the industry. As a global industry principal at Hootsuite, he worked tirelessly to arm our sales teams with the knowledge and expertise they needed about digital strategy to get meetings and close deals. He’s earned his stellar reputation the industry and I’d recommend him to anyone looking for a senior social marketing expert for their leadership team.

The one thing that separates Koka from the rest is his passion and depth for social and sales as a whole. There are very few people that understand the sales and marketing landscape from a data and revenue perspective to get true results that drive change. Koka has been instrumental in my growth personally and professionally in the last year and a half. If you ever get the chance to talk or work with Koka… I’d highly suggest you use every second of it and apply every piece of it!

Mentions in the media

What Makes Koka Tick?

Read some behavioral analysis on him. Know who you’re hiring and how he can transform your company.

Insights behavioral test on Koka Sexton

This is a 17-page analysis of decision making, strengths/weaknesses, management style and value to the team.

Myers Briggs analysis on Koka Sexton

As many times as I’ve taken this assessment, I have always been an INTJ. This 22-page report breaks down my key drivers, strengths/weaknesses and clarity on my thought process.

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