HootSuite the Best Twitter Client Ever

I am on Twitter a lot. I’m searching, tweeting on one of my few accounts, digging through other peoples lists and reading through hundreds of profiles a week. Thankfully I get paid for it or Twitter would have been my undoing. When putting together the Corporate Social Media Reading List, one of the continuous directives in most of the links was to use a dashboard or application as a tool. The other was to invest some energy to learn a Social Media Monitoring Tool. There are many applications that help people use Twitter like CoTweet (Which I used a lot before) and TweetDeck, they all have the same basic funtionality but there are a few things about HootSuite that sold me.

  1. HootSuite makes sending updates across several accounts and social applications easy. From Twitter to Facebook and Foursquare to name a few. I can update one or all at the same time.
  2. Facebook page insights is built into HootSuite. You have to be a pro user but the layout of data is clean and it provides overall information.
  3. HootSuite shows Klout. This is a big one for me because I’m able to identify major influencers on specific subjects. Being able to filter updates based on Klout is a huge plus!
  4. Built in twitter analytics using the ow.ly shortener makes running my reports simple.
  5. The ability to import RSS feeds eliminated my use of another application called Twitterfeed.
  6. One thing I am excited for is the ability to update Salesforce Chatter which should be available soon. (maybe I’ll get a sneak peek at it.)

I’m interested to know what Twitter clients you use and why you like them so much? Maybe I’ll have to update this post if I’m pulled to another application.


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