What Does An Ideal LinkedIn Profile Look Like

When we talk about social selling, we inevitably think about LinkedIn as a major asset for building prospects. LinkedIn can accommodate you with the tools to build your online presence if you are determined enough to focus not simply on yourself but also on your buyers and their achievements. Put an extra effort to make your LinkedIn profile buyer-friendly by adjusting every section of your profile in accordance with the best practices listed below.


  • An ideal LinkedIn profile has an impressive headline, updated and comprehensive contact information and customized LinkedIn URL.
    • Make sure your profile headline speaks to your prospects and reflects your approach to them. By specifying who you help and why you help them, you will build trust from the very first impression.
    • Do upload a profile picture to increase your chances of better response rate by 40%. Your prospects want to know who they will work with if they drop by your profile.
    • Showcase your blog, company website, twitter and other accounts in your contact information to help prospects connect you more easily.
    • Using your full name as your custom URL is another tactic to ensure more visibility and make it easier to find you.


  • Once you have altered the gaps in previous sections, move on to expanding your networks and building connections with quantity and quality in mind. Start by sending invitations to acquaintances with the prompt where and when you have met. Indicate a relevant reason why you’d like to connect that will benefit them as well.


  • Most importantly, spend a considerable amount of time to produce quality summary and visual content.
    • Take a 3×3 approach with three concise paragraphs about what you do, results you generate and a call-to-action. This section should showcase your strengths and commitments, as well as your unique approaches towards customers.
    • Think about what visual content will be useful for your clients and display it below your summary.


  • In order to back up your expertise in an efficient way, reconsider the Experience as well as the Honors and Awards sections on your profile. Make sure to put a tick before the statements if you want your efforts to pay off:
    • You have all your professional experience listed.
    • You have your major duties described in bullet points.
    • This section illustrates how you can address your potential buyers’ needs based on your experience.
    • You have listed your work-related awards along with succinct descriptions.


  • Furthermore, if you own a blog, the Publications section is the right place for your posts as it provides valuable insights to your potential buyers about your knowledge and skills. Show that you are a knowledgeable expert in your field by linking all your articles related to what you have to offer.


  • While the Education section seems the most straightforward in terms of listing your degrees and formal education, many people overlook the power of informal, online or any certificate courses. Keep in mind that any additional courses listed as part of your education are an evidence of your willingness to pursue learning and stay up-to-date in your niche.


  • Groups are the social component of LinkedIn. By joining the groups that your buyers are actively engaged in will show that you have common grounds. Additionally, it will help them realize that you are interested in their needs and willing to address them by expert advice.


  • Finally, even though you cannot write recommendations for yourself, you are encouraged to ask for one. Request a brief reference from those who have used your services for a considerable time. A client’s review is an invaluable testimony and will attract more prospects.


How Does An Ideal LinkedIn Profile Look Like [Infographic]

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