What Does An Ideal LinkedIn Profile Look Like

When we talk about social selling, we inevitably think about LinkedIn as a major asset for building prospects. LinkedIn can accommodate you with the tools to build your online presence if you are determined enough to focus not simply on yourself but also on your buyers and their achievements. Put an extra effort to make[…]

10 Great Posts about #LinkedIn Company Pages

If your customers use LinkedIn (Which I’m sure they do) then you should have a LinkedIn company page. As a B2B marketer having a polished company page can make you stand out from the rest of the companies you’re up against, it also gives your customers a place to engage with your brand. It helps[…]

the perfect linkedin profile

How to Create the Perfect #LinkedIn Profile #infographic

It all comes back to you LinkedIn profile. It doesnt matter how much activity you have on the LinkedIn network or connections you have. If you don’t have an optimized LinkedIn Profile then you are going to miss out on opportunities. In infographic from Link Humans they cover some of the top ways to build the perfect[…]


Talking Social Media for Sales with Salesforce

This week I was given the opportunity to speak on a SalesforceLIVE event with Ashish Vazirani of ZS Associates, Nasi Jazayeri of Chatter.com and Jamie Domenici of Salesforce. I had a great time. It was amazing how polished and professional the production was. We had some great discussion and I learned a lot about how[…]


How LinkedIn Supported my Transformation of Self

When I was young I wanted to be an archeologist, or a scientist. I studied ancient Egypt and used to dig huge holes on my grandfathers farm looking for old stuff. My first science kit was an accident factory as I mixed compounds together and either watched them react to each other (sometimes violently) or[…]

LinkedIn’s Latest Gift to Sales and Marketing

This week LinkedIn announced a couple new features that got me a little excited. Check out the blog post A More Personalized LinkedIn Homepage for all the details. What I wanted to share was focused on the new analytics and insights a member has around the engagement of their updates. We now have the ability on a[…]

#LinkedIn GSK2014 was a Blast

Life at LinkedIn, it’s a lot of hard work with sprinkles of amazing experiances. That’s what Global Sales Kickoff was, an amazing experiance. Last week thousands of sales people from around the world decended on San Francisco to attend an event like no other I have ever been part of. Part training, part reunion and[…]

Content Marketing Backlog

Creating a Backlog of Content Marketing Ideas

Content marketing has many faces and can manifest itself in many ways. When starting out with content marketing I took a simple approach that revolved around an ebook or guide designed to educate an audience. The process was: Initial idea Scope the document (# of pages, resources needed) Create a draft Get feedback and iterate[…]