Linkedin Masters Course

Social Selling Master Class

If you are just starting your career or if you are just learning something new, Linkedin is the worlds professional social network, and you need to be active on it.

Linkedin Mastery Program

Build a system that captures & converts your leads into customers on autopilot so you can create a reliable stream of recurring revenue


Introduction to social selling

1.1 Adapting to a Shift in the Market
1.2 Leveraging Tools to Understand Your Prospects
1.3 Establishing Your Thought Leadership on social networks
1.4 Using Social Networks to Identify New Clients
1.5 Expertise that Will Influence Your Buyer’s Decision

Linkedin Basics

2.1 Introduction to LinkedIn Basics
2.2 How to Create a New Account if None Existing
2.3 Updating Your Privacy & Settings
2.4 Benefits of Syncing Your Email and Calendar
2.5 How to Sync Your Email and Calendar Accounts
2.6 Exporting Your Connections

Putting Your Plan in Place

3.1 SMART Goals
3.2 The Playbook

Understanding Basic Lingo and Navigation

4.1 Introduction to Basic Lingo & Navigation
4.2 Leveraging Your Connection’s Rolodex
4.3 Connect with People You Meet
4.4 People You May Know
4.5 How Many Connections You Have
4.6 Navigating the New Home Page
4.7 Using the Help Center
4.8 Free vs. Premium Accts
4.9 Premium Accounts for Sales Professionals

Profile 101

5.1 The Top of the Fold
5.2 Choosing a Professional Profile Photo
5.3 Using PowerPoint to Make Your Photo Pop
5.4 How to Choose and Upload a Profile Banner
5.5 Writing Your Professional Headline
5.6 How to Optimize Your Location & Industry
5.7 How to Customize Your LinkedIn URL
5.8 Completing Your Contact Section

Building Out a Professional Branded Profile

6.1 Creating Your Professional Brand
6.2 Knowing Your Value Proposition
6.3 SEO Explained
6.4 Why You Should Optimize Your Profile
6.5 Add & Arrange Sections in Your Profile
6.6 Using View As Feature
6.7 How to Write a Killer Profile Summary
6.8 Filling Out the Experience Section
6.9 Using Box.Com to Create and Share Links
6.1 0 When & How to Showcase Your Projects
6.1 1 Add Published Work to Your Publications
6.1 2 Completing the Education Section
6.1 3 Completing the Additional Information Section
6.1 4 Managing Your Skills & Endorsements
6.1 5 How to Request and Add Recommendations

Tracking & Engaging Your Prospects

7.1 Introduction to Tagging & Note Taking
7.2 Using the Relationship Tab to View Contact History
Using Tags to Organize and Communicate With Connections

Leveraging Company Pages

8.1 Leveraging Company Pages
8.2 Companies You Are Connected To
8.3 Company Pages in Your Network
8.4 Using Company Pages for Complex Sales

Advanced and Saved Searches

9.1 The Power of Search
9.2 Advanced Search for 1st Degree Connections
9.3 Advanced Search for 2nd Degree Connections
9.4 New Connections Through Saved Search
9.5 Backdoor to Connections

Networking and Client Referrals

10.1 Do Not Connect & Forget!
10.2 Who Has Viewed My Profile
10.3 Outstanding Connection Requests
10.4 Building Rapport with New Connections
10.5 Networking and Client Referrals
10.6 Networking Over Coffee
10.7 Five Things You Want from Your Clients
10.8 Client Recommendations
10.9 Giving Recommendations
10.1 Client Internal Introductions

Publishing a Post on LinkedIn

11.1 Publishing on LinkedIn
11.2 How & Why to Create a New Post on LinkedIn
11.3 7 Elements of an Effective Blog

LinkedIn Groups

12.1 Why They Matter
12.2 How to Find and Join LinkedIn Groups
12.3 Using Groups to Create New Connections
12.4 Spearfish Marketing
12.5 A Final Message from Koka Sexton