LinkedIn’s Latest Gift to Sales and Marketing

This week LinkedIn announced a couple new features that got me a little excited. Check out the blog post A More Personalized LinkedIn Homepage for all the details. What I wanted to share was focused on the new analytics and insights a member has around the engagement of their updates.

We now have the ability on a weekly basis to see the number of views their updates had, the amount of likes and comments they received. This is all great but the best part is the ability to see this across to your 3rd level connections.

By hovering over the colored dots in the circles you can see how these insights break down by level of connection. This is great to measure and identify what updates are being engaged by your  extended network.

If you’re trying to see who in that extended network is engaged with your LinkedIn updates you can go the URL of that specific update. Just as an example, when I mentioned this in my linkedIn update, I can see the actual people.

  • For sales: Pay attention to your status updates and the reach you can get. Remember “build your network with people that you can add value to or can add value to you.” If people in your 3rd degree network are sharing your content, you’ve added some value.
  • For marketing: Besides all the great things you can do with your LinkedIn company page start leveraging your personal LinkedIn updates to identify new ways of communicating with your community.


Linkedin insights analytics social selling

Linkedin insights analytics - Social marketing

Social Selling Linkedin insights analytics

“build your network with people that you can add value to or can add value to you.”

social selling Linkedin insights analytics


Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton is a renowned expert in social selling. Some would say Koka Sexton is the reason social selling exists, he would say that social selling existed once buyers went online. A recognized expert in social selling that has produced revenue for B2B companies, Koka continues to make generating new business the focus of social media. Finding creative ways to plan, develop and execute content marketing campaigns that break through the noise and provide value to buyers in excess of what they expect.

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