Marketing Campaigns That Convert

The concept of marketing has become firmly established in our lives over the past decades. We can surely consider that using various marketing tools is a necessary condition to build the business and to make it succeed. Providing product or service, you need to meet the needs of your target audience, to identify customer pain point and to offer the best tackling for these issues.

All this requires a marketing campaign. It isn’t something that comes to you while you’re drinking coffee or taking a shower. Really successful campaigns tend to be well-thought-out. You don’t need to rest on a single idea, but to focus on details and execution. Forget about incoherence and randomness, they don’t make any sense. You might be a good tactician, but it doesn’t work in long running. You can get perfect marketing metrics but starve due to lack of sales.

Let us offer you some essentials, that will help you in planning your campaign.

Part 1: Major Mistakes in Creating a Marketing Campaign

There are a million articles on the Internet about website optimization, ways to please search engines, killing call-to-actions, keywords and design of your illustrations. But almost all of these “how to” forget about the most essential point: successful campaigns require the powerful marketing foundation. Losing sight of this point leads you directly to fail.

Prescribe your main steps and directions, describe strategic messages, market segment, content topics, marketing channels and efficiency tools. This marketing plan will help you to make decisions, important and timely. Following the prescribed strategy, you won’t waste your time on unsuitable people and mindless experiments.

Focus on consumers, act deeply, not widely. Remember, online marketing requires to be quick, to be flexible, to be effective. In another case, why your business still exists?

Part 2: Tackle These Questions Before Starting your Campaign:

  1. What do you know about your customer?
  2. What is your actual campaign goal, is it short term or long term?
  3. Have you segmented your market?
  4. Which channels can help you find the prospects, will you use influencer marketing or promote your YouTube channel or…?
  5. How your marketing can help your sales?
  6. How to track your marketing efforts?

Part 3: Create your Marketing Campaign

Start from your target audience

Increased sales are always a result of effective interaction with people. Remember about your final goal: high metrics, certificates and other achievements can soothe a sense of self-importance, but your audience is above all these. It brings you money, it brings you brand recognition and it definitely creates a sense for your existence.

Consumer Profile will help you to define your goals, to create correct messages and to understand market segments with communication channels you’re going to work with. What to choose – omni- or multi channel, bet on a creative copy or an amazing design, how to spend the budget and don’t go broke.

Remember about all stakeholders

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large business, if your product is worthy, somebody can outbid it. So you need to think about all the participants of the purchase process during your campaign. Profiles of partners, intermediaries and competitors will help you to work with the right people and to be aware of inappropriate ones.

Expand your search

A lot of companies make one huge mistake. They conduct research only among buyers, their loyal customers who are pretty well acquainted with their business. Of course, customer service is must, you need to know their pain points and needs in different situations, but if you focus only on this, you will get in a vicious circle.

You need to communicate with your prospects, and even those who will never buy your product. Why? These things can spark a thought, give you new ideas for a message and its promotion.

One more effective tool is using your CRM to find the info about your customer’s life cycle, who has the largest and the smallest one.  


Segment the market

It is the constant search and testing of new market segments that will enable you to make your campaign as effective as possible.

Let us give you a practical case.

One software protection company could not succeed in Adwords. The problem was in high CPC. Words like “antivirus”, “data protection”, “decryption” are the most competitive on Adwords after the words “insurance” and “mortgage”. Sometimes the company was even paying $100 per lead from a student who accidentally googled some info for his diploma. Even with huge budgets, it is a losing campaign. And what was the decision?

Marketers created several landings for different segments of the audience. For each page were written unique slogans and no less unique message. As a result, keywords were used in a narrower market, and for a narrower number of products. Also, each page contained unique content created for specific Customer Profiles. Mission completed.

Common Types of Marketing Campaign

Having defined your goals, target audience and main communication channels, you can use all your best practices and marketing strategies to run a successful campaign. There is a list of some common types:

    • Product Launch;
    • Brand Launch;
    • Rebranding;
    • Seasonal Offer;
    • Brand Awareness;
    • Revenue Push.

Measure Your Results

You’re likely familiar with the principles of setting SMART goals. They need to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound. If you don’t mind wasting a lot of time and money, take a shot in the dark, maybe it will really take off. Or not. It is extremely important to set the metrics and to track results. Once you know them, you can improve your new campaign or change this one. Suppose that your strategy increased sales by 38 percent, you would repeat it. And vice versa, if the survey showed that only 5% came from your social media, you might focus on them more responsibly.

Of course, there is no progress without mistakes. But only you decide whose mistakes that would be. Leverage these tips and plan your marketing campaigns thoughtfully. Then it will exceed your brave expectations!




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