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I started the Mayor of Concord blog about 8 months ago blogging about local news and events. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. It was really an impulsive decision but I stuck with it so far and I am beginning to reap the rewards of managing a local blog for the community. The hyperlocal blog I run is focused on the city I live in and the surrounding area. There are others in the area that have hyperlocal blogs and more of them are popping up every month it seems.

I only have a few hundred posts so far but I am getting a far amount of traffic from the area from people looking for news. I setup a Twitter account almost immediately when I started the blog. The Twitter profile is used to share news from the area and I post my blog and some of y local travels on the micro-blog.

The community that has been built continues to surprise me. I get news tips and information from people in the area and people retweet my posts often.

Since this is more of a local twitter profile I guess the idea that I don’t have a ton of followers is acceptable. Actually I am excited to have as many as I do. I have been having a hard time finding local Twitter users and they tend to find me and then I re-follow them.

concord ca blog

Yes I even have a Facebook page setup for the Concord blog. I do a bit of targeted advertising on Facebook for the site and the fan page. nothing expensive but I like knowing that other people in Concord and surrounding area can find me on Facebook.

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  • May 25, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    I truly do appreciate the Mayor of Concord website. It makes me enjoy where i live and also see the funny things that are going on like the homless rapper on you tube post! I wish you and your website luck !

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