Off Page Optimization – Obsessing Over your Anchor Text

Following the right Anchor Text in your content marketing strategy is very important, but which one should choose? It could mean the difference trying to get a very competitive keyword. It could mean the difference between getting 5 visitors using your targeted keyword and 200 using the less or even less competitive keyword.

For those who are new to SEO, choosing the most perfect keyword for your anchor text should be important and should preferably be the top, middle or the bottom of the list of keywords. If your website is pulled up in the result page of Google when your given the keyword “tips for cooking iPhones” a “Better Cocker English Serviceware” will likely influence your page ranking considerably.

There are different opinions on the percentage of using that particular keyword on the page. The introduction of the percentage will give you some idea as to the popularity of that particular keyword. If you happen to find a page on your site which only contains the exact keyword “Tips For Cooking iPhones” you might have found your first success in choosing the right keyword, but will it be a hit or a flop? There are many sites competing in the same area and it will just take a little more than 20% combined to change over into a non-competitive keyword and location.

The importance of the correct choice of keywords is also a very relationship between the text itself and how the page is structured. Not only this relevant text will help to increase the popularity of the page, but the higher the relevancy, the easier it will be for people to know what your page is about.

Website tools are available to help you out and allow you to look at a page and see how effective the keywords that are being used are, the number of times that the keyword has been used and also where they are located. Excellent keyword tools is available and selection is all about what you want at the moment.

Adding your keywords to your page in such a way that when they are read you are making them unique and individually sets you apart from other sites in the same niche. Making your keyword choice a matter of considering not only where you want to rank, but also makes your effort to be an example of Search Engine Optimization. Having many unique texts on your sites than what you thought was required makes a difference with many different site seo tools, but it is vital to the ranking strategy.

Content is still king as far as Google values, the more pages you have the more important the text and keywords may be. Unfortunately, this is an area that is difficult to continually crack, as it is complex, not always obvious and very effort consuming.

You have many options when it comes to making sure that visitors like your site enough to link to it. You can give a free gift up front, or you can contact webmasters at as many sites as possible or directories and have your information on there. You will be able to give a small price, be it an amount of money or a reciprocal link, but ideally a free gift in return for the link is what you should be offering. Link building is the name of the game. Having all your websites linked to each other helps them to get noticed quicker.

Even though we now have a good idea of how to use relevant keywords on your site to improve your rankings, the importance of Anchor Text and how to rank highly in the search engines is tremendous. Having a PR 5 on that small or medium site, could outweigh being on the first page of one of the world’s best sites completely.

Just remember, Google ranking takes a lot of time if you’re not using the correct strategies, make sure you don’t just mention your keywords, be inventive and be unique.

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