Patrick Sexton moves to LA with dreams of being a rock star.

Friday night the entire family got together at the Spaghetti Factory in Concord to give our good wishes and say our good byes to Patrick. Patrick Sexton is the youngest of the men in the family and from an early age he had an ear for music. In fact the kid picked up a guitar one day while listening to Steve Vai and was able to play the song with only minor errors in a matter of hours. Yes, the guy is that good. He was able to listen to tunes from Hendrix, The Doors and just about every other rock star and learn to play the tunes without knowing the first thing about reading music.

Many years later and thanks to the financial backing of his parents, Patrick was recording music in his garage and honing his skills as a guitar player. He even was able to meet his idol Steve Vai at a concert and play a jam for him.

So after getting accepted to an exceptional music college in Hollywood, Patrick Sexton is moving to Los Angeles with stars in his eyes and the dream of making it big. It’s hard to watch the kid that I used to watch as a child running around the backyard grunting at everything leave the nest and forge his own path, but the fact is that this is how we grow from children to men in life.

Everyone is very proud of Patrick and we know he will do well. Maybe someday we will be sitting in the VIP section of a packed Kodak theater in Hollywood watching him play to thousands of raving fans.

We will miss you Pejontos and as long as you stay on the path you have set, you may be the first famous Sexton and have your picture on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Koka Sexton

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