Social selling methodology

building social selling methodology
Social selling is not a mythical creature. Social selling is not just a buzzword. Leveraging social media as a sales professional is ultimately going to make the difference in your career. Either you’re in an industry like Tech where social networks are already being used heavily or you are in a more traditional industry where social networks have not caught up yet. Either way you either have to be involved with some type of a social selling methodology because it’s the norm or you have an opportunity to get ahead of the competition by diving in now.

You want to be the single point of reference for your industry.

I recently had the opportunity to speak at Sales Stack 2015 a Sales Hacker conference on the topic of social selling along with Ken Krogue and Jill Rowley. There were many topics discussed during the hour long panel but the one that resonated the most with the crowd was around the question of where do tools like Linkedin and Twitter fall into the buyer/seller cycle and what strategy is best used.

A social selling methodology with LinkedIn and Twitter is bigger than just sales prospecting. Leveraging social media as a sales professional should continue after the opportunity is created and even after a deal is closed. Social selling is more than just finding new buyers, its about keeping the customers you already have.


Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton is a renowned expert in social selling. Some would say Koka Sexton is the reason social selling exists, he would say that social selling existed once the internet was created. A recognized expert in social selling that has produced revenue for B2B companies, Koka continues to make generating new business the focus of social media. Finding creative ways to plan, develop and execute content marketing campaigns that break through the noise and provide value to buyers in excess of what they expect. He is the founder of Social Selling Masters.

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