Social Selling Overview

This is my current project at InsideView. Once we started getting the social media activities rolling with the company it became clear that we had the opportunity to bring the idea of Social Selling to entire sales teams. Not only does our application make engagement with customers and prospects easier, Social Selling University is designed to get sales people the social media skills needed to deal with a more educated and online customer.

This is the overview that started the ball rolling. Starting in the next couple of weeks there will be more videos and other content created specifically for sales people that are interested in using social media to drive revenue and find new opportunities.

Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton is a renowned expert in social selling. Some would say Koka Sexton is the reason social selling exists, he would say that social selling existed once buyers went online. A recognized expert in social selling that has produced revenue for B2B companies, Koka continues to make generating new business the focus of social media. Finding creative ways to plan, develop and execute content marketing campaigns that break through the noise and provide value to buyers in excess of what they expect.

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