I Have A Social Media Addiction

My name is Koka Sexton and I’ve been a junkie for longer than I can remember. I even like to do it at work. It must be going on 20 years now but my use has increased exponentially more over the past several years. Social media addiction has been a battle that I’m losing and I’m loving Generation YOU. Unlike other addictive substances, I think social media is something everyone young and old should be a part of and as often as possible. Here are some of my favorite social media links.


I would think the reality is that most of the people I know and the people reading this post suffer from this addiction also. Good for us. Social media is a way for family’s to stay connected, keep in touch with friends and even promote your business. I don’t even know how many social media sites there are out there from Facebook to Twitter and the other thousands of places people stay connected through blogs and forums. The first part of recovery is the admission of your addiction and then to expose yourself to a group that can help with the healing process. My readers are my support group and before there’s an intervention, I’ll share with you my favorite social media sites of choice. […]