Complete Social Media Design Templates [infographic]

This  infographic was too good to pass up. How many times have you wondered what the best dimensions are for a Facebook graphic or the format for a Twitter background? From LinkedIn company pages to Google plus updates, this infographic gives you the proper dimensions for any social media site. Now you can design social media profiles that really[…]

100 Examples of Corporate Social Media Policies

The following table contains the names of over 100 companies and organization that have published their Employee Social Media Policies or Guidelines online… The left side column is the name of the organization, and it is linked to their organizational or corporate home page. The right side column displays a link to the actual document[…]

10 Great Posts about #LinkedIn Company Pages

If your customers use LinkedIn (Which I’m sure they do) then you should have a LinkedIn company page. As a B2B marketer having a polished company page can make you stand out from the rest of the companies you’re up against, it also gives your customers a place to engage with your brand. It helps[…]

The LinkedIn Meme that Went Viral

LinkedIn is the professional network. Most people understand that LinkedIn is no longer just an online resume but a robust social network where professionals are able to connect, share and gather insights from others in their industry. One of the recent enhancements to LinkedIn is the ability to share rich-media into the activity stream like[…]

Hootsuite added some stuff last night

Hootsuite was down for a bit last night. I wish I knew ahead of time but thats water under the bridge. Just before going to bed I figured I’d check in again and to my surprise it was up and there was some new stuff that caught my eye. So yes, I had delay sleep[…]

Social Media Username Checker

I have accounts at about a dozen social media sites. From Facebook to StumbleUpon to LinkedIn, I have tried to keep my usernames consistent just for simplicity reasons. If you are a social media junkie, a marketing professional or just a geek like me and you want to have accounts on all of them and[…]

HootSuite the Best Twitter Client Ever

I am on Twitter a lot. I’m searching, tweeting on one of my few accounts, digging through other peoples lists and reading through hundreds of profiles a week. Thankfully I get paid for it or Twitter would have been my undoing. When putting together the Corporate Social Media Reading List, one of the continuous directives[…]

Social Media Job Week 1 InsideView

Starting a new job is generally a semi-stressful time. New office, new people, new responsibilities and with so much newness that can be enough to give the brain a cramp. First I had to get used to the drive which I thought was going to be the hardest part. Turns out the drive doesn’t bother[…]

I Have A Social Media Addiction

My name is Koka Sexton and I’ve been a junkie for longer than I can remember. I even like to do it at work. It must be going on 20 years now but my use has increased exponentially more over the past several years. Social media addiction has been a battle that I’m losing and I’m loving Generation YOU. Unlike other addictive substances, I think social media is something everyone young and old should be a part of and as often as possible. Here are some of my favorite social media links.

I would think the reality is that most of the people I know and the people reading this post suffer from this addiction also. Good for us. Social media is a way for family’s to stay connected, keep in touch with friends and even promote your business. I don’t even know how many social media sites there are out there from Facebook to Twitter and the other thousands of places people stay connected through blogs and forums. The first part of recovery is the admission of your addiction and then to expose yourself to a group that can help with the healing process. My readers are my support group and before there’s an intervention, I’ll share with you my favorite social media sites of choice. […]

Director of Social Media

In January I took over social media for Paragon Software. Some of the profiles were already created by someone in marketing on platforms I was familiar with like Twitter, Facebook and WordPress. They were never updated and basically collecting dust. I started with Twitter since I seem to live in it. I did some tweaking[…]

Foursquare Gowalla and Yelp Oh’My

I’ve become obsessed with location based applications for my iPhone. The concept is easy to understand, where ever you go no matter where, click a few keys on your mobile phone and let the world know where you are. The little geo-apps can connect with your other popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and can even identify friends from these other services that are using the same location based apps as you. Yelp was my first introduction to using an application to share my whereabouts with my friends. Though I rarely used it because of the buggy interface, I got the idea and moved on to bigger and better things.

Foursquare caught my attention a year ago when most of my network that attended SXSW started updating their profiles with their locations all over Austin. It started spreading like a firebug and next thing I knew I was seeing updates from people all over the US sending out digital beacons of their place in the world. For the most part the East Bay was untouched territory, most of the locations available in Foursquare here in and around San Francisco which has a higher concentration of people. Little by little I started seeing stores, restaurants and even vacant lots becoming options for me to check into.

As I travel around, I check into airports, hotels and where ever else I go and I earn little badges and become the virtual “Mayor” of locations. I guess it’s cute and a little ridiculous but I still find myself trying to earn more of them and feeling a sharp pain when I get notified that someone took my title as Mayor from my local Starbucks. […]