The LinkedIn Meme that Went Viral

LinkedIn is the professional network. Most people understand that LinkedIn is no longer just an online resume but a robust social network where professionals are able to connect, share and gather insights from others in their industry. One of the recent enhancements to LinkedIn is the ability to share rich-media into the activity stream like[…]

LinkedIn’s Latest Gift to Sales and Marketing

This week LinkedIn announced a couple new features that got me a little excited. Check out the blog post A More Personalized LinkedIn Homepage for all the details. What I wanted to share was focused on the new analytics and insights a member has around the engagement of their updates. We now have the ability on a[…]

3 Social Media Apps Every Marketer Should Use

If you are responsible for monitoring and engaging with your Twitter community, here are a few applications that you should be using. These applications and some elbow grease from you and your team will provide results like what I posted earlier on how social media engagement drives new followers. I wish there was one app that could do all[…]

HootSuite the Best Twitter Client Ever

I am on Twitter a lot. I’m searching, tweeting on one of my few accounts, digging through other peoples lists and reading through hundreds of profiles a week. Thankfully I get paid for it or Twitter would have been my undoing. When putting together the Corporate Social Media Reading List, one of the continuous directives[…]

An Education in Social Media

 A couple weeks ago I had a great opportunity to sit an exclusive social media forum with the people running some of the brightest minds in social media.  InsideView was invited to the Emergence Capital (@emergencecap) offices. The keynote was by @briansolis & featuring execs from @virginamerica @razorfish @lithiumtech @zuberance. During a great lunch[…]