Demand generation funnel

Demand Generation: 6 Proven Strategies To Grow Your Revenue

Suppose you’re taking a new product to market. How can you find potential customers? Where do you direct your marketing strategies? What should you do to align your marketing and sales teams? This is where demand generation comes in. What Is Demand Generation? Demand generation answers a fundamental question: How can I make my target[…]

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook Book Review #JJJRH

I’ve been looking forward to this book ever since I met Gary Vaynerchuk. Late last night my Kindle sent me a message that the book was available and I started reading it. This is the best book from Gary Vaynerchuk yet. I am a huge fan of the Thank You Economy and thought it would[…]

Leadership 101

“I will not send troops to danger which I will not myself encounter.” —-The Duke of Marlborough I believe that the only advantage that the great leaders have over the good leaders is that GREAT ones will stand on the field with their men. We need leaders who are not just willing, but are inclined[…]

A Discussion about Social Selling with Dan McDade

I recently had the opportunity to get interviewed by Dan McDade the President of Pointclear. PointClear is an Atlanta-based B2B prospect development company providing the strategy, analytics and execution services needed drive revenue. In this PowerViews session, Dan wanted to discuss LinkedIn and my role and why social selling is so important. I talked about when I[…]

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sales Processes

There are quite a few pieces to the sales performance improvement puzzle – face-to-face selling skills, management style, coaching, account strategy, and so on. One piece that doesn’t get much attention is the sales process. The simplest definition of “sales process” is “a linked group of tasks that together create customer value.” Some sales processes[…]

Turning Sales Into Science

A friend passed this article along to me knowing that I stay on top of these types of stories. Little did I know that they mentioned NetSuite as a pioneer of the Sales 2.0 era. Thanks Jake! ——————- It’s a question almost as old as commerce itself: Is selling an art or a science? For[…]

Breaking the Rules of Sales

Column by Jeff Thull Exceptional sales professionals do the opposite of what most professionals do — and often break the rules of traditional selling to achieve their success. I have devoted 25 years to studying what top sales professionals and their leadership teams do to achieve exceptional levels of success, answering some key questions about[…]

Using Diversified Selling Strategies

“Start seeing your customers through their eyes instead of having a one-size-fits-all strategy,” says Debbie Allen, international professional speaker, author and president of Allen and Associates Consulting. “People like to be treated differently.” How do you diversify your selling strategies? Allen provides some tips. Develop a stronger customer focus. What are the buying influences of[…]

The creation of the Koka Sexton bobblehead

The bobble head has quite a story around it, but I’ll keep this to the abbreviated version. When I was working at Dantz Development aka. EMC Insignia, I would go on trips to my accounts and do promotions and trainings on the software. There is a specific demographic of sales people that worked at my[…]