Corporate Social Media Reading List

I’m a huge fan of social media. I joined Twitter on June 30 2007 and after a few bumps in the road, I was addicted and even wrote a set of top twitter tips. I try to follow the trends and news around social media as best I can. Really more of a hobby and fascination to me than anything else. I would have loved to get a job in something social media related but that quest always evaded me. That is until recently. I work for a growing software company and they don’t have much of a footprint in the social media world. Like many companies, they didn’t know the difference between Twitter and a blog or that Facebook was for more than keeping in touch with their friends and family.

Knowing that getting into social media and doing it right was needed, especially for a technology company, someone had to step up to the keyboard. That someone was me. I created the Twitter profile and a Facebook page and started looking for inspiration. I know my way around the popular sites. I’ve grown a healthy network of friends and followers. What I needed was a crash course on corporate social media tips so I did what any self respecting geek would do and typed it into Google.

What I found were a collection of sites and posts that spoke to my social media needs. I’m not Howard Stephen Berg but I could probably learn a few things from him. After scouring the internet for information, this is the super list of social media posts that I came up with as a reading list.

  1. Building an Effective Business Profile on Twitter
    From TwiTip: As the popularity of micro-blogging continues to grow, it’s going to become a tool used by advertisers and marketers. In the same way that running a corporate or business blog is different from running a personal blog, running a corporate or business twitter profile is different from running a personal twitter profile.
  2. I find that most companies especially InsideView customers want to become social businesses in one way or another. What I mean by that is companies understand the need to open up social channels in places like Twitter and Facebook. They understand that their prospects and customers are increasingly leveraging social networks to share information and communicate with eachother. It will eventually be fatal for a company to disregard these channels of communication.
  3. Why Brands ABSOLUTELY DO Belong on Twitter
    From Mashable: Article discussing the benefits and value of brands using Twitter.