Paragon Software Group – A Social Experiment

Life is good at Paragon Software. We just finished one of our most successful years to date. The momentum rolling into 2010 is looking really good for us. I am still managing the direction of the companies channel sales group and helping out with product management. Being in these two key sections of Paragon Software Group lets me get a very high level view of where the company is and will be moving to in the future. I am excited for what this year is to bring with new products and some additional technology that is needed and different enough to get peoples attention. One of the obstacles many companies face is the ability to get exposure to more people. Traditional marketing only goes so far and emailing news is not the best way to communicate with people and even worse if you want to have your message shared with others. Social Media seemed like a great venue for Paragon to shift into. The company has a corporate marketing team that manages a Twitter profile and a Facebook page but our region (America) wanted to do more. So we started creating accounts on social media sites so we can push out messaging specifically for the channel and the corporate products in the US.

Paragon Software Group Facebook

I setup a Facebook page for the company and kicked it off with a contest for a free 1TB hard drive and some other prizes. All you need to do for a chance at winning is become a fan. Too easy. Facebook will be the platform to share updates and promotions as well as push out news to fans that want to follow us. I am getting more familiar with Facebook Markup Language or FBML to the rest of you geeks. There are some great examples of Facebook Fan sites that I am using for inspiration. Stay tuned for updates. […]