social business

Building a Social Business

Last week InsideView held it’s first user conference called the Insider Summit. It was a lot of work and a bit stressful to pull it together. It all worked out and it was great to see so many customers in one place all wanting to hear the plans for InsideView and the were¬†using Twitter to[…]

Social Media Training for Sales – Social Selling University Launches

I’ve been very busy at InsideView the past few months. After joining and getting waist deep in building strategies around engaging our customers and prospects using social media, a few things became very clear to me. One was that this company has hit on something very hot, giving sales people actionable trigger events to drive[…]

Social Selling Overview

This is my current project at InsideView. Once we started getting the social media activities rolling with the company it became clear that we had the opportunity to bring the idea of Social Selling to entire sales teams. Not only does our application make engagement with customers and prospects easier, Social Selling University is designed[…]

The Operation Order (OPORD)

The OPORD or Operation Order is the single most important piece of mission planning. A directive issued by a commander to subordinate commanders for the purpose of affecting the coordinated execution of an operation. (Joint Pub 1-02) The format has not changed much over the years because of it’s effective nature. Every troop has experience[…]