How LinkedIn Supported my Transformation of Self

When I was young I wanted to be an archeologist, or a scientist. I studied ancient Egypt and used to dig huge holes on my grandfathers farm looking for old stuff. My first science kit was an accident factory as I mixed compounds together and either watched them react to each other (sometimes violently) or[…]

#LinkedIn GSK2014 was a Blast

Life at LinkedIn, it’s a lot of hard work with sprinkles of amazing experiances. That’s what Global Sales Kickoff was, an amazing experiance. Last week thousands of sales people from around the world decended on San Francisco to attend an event like no other I have ever been part of. Part training, part reunion and[…]

Social Media Username Checker

I have accounts at about a dozen social media sites. From Facebook to StumbleUpon to LinkedIn, I have tried to keep my usernames consistent just for simplicity reasons. If you are a social media junkie, a marketing professional or just a geek like me and you want to have accounts on all of them and[…]